Monday, March 5, 2012

Golden Arches

He looks like an angel...right?

The other day I loaded the kids into the car to meet my mom and a friend for lunch at McDonalds.  Lunch at McDonalds is always a mixed bag.  On one hand, everything on the menu sort of makes me want to puke other than French Fries and Coke.  On the other hand, it means I am going to get to mostly ignore my children for an hour while they climb around like happy monkeys and I enjoy adult conversation.

Anyway, the kids were playing, I was enjoying the company when some kids up in the play place started making some ominous whining noises that went on for several minutes.  We were all starting to wonder if the parents of the squawkers were going to come to the rescue when my mom could not focus on our conversation any longer.

"Are those your kids making that bad noise up there?" she asked me.  "No."  I knew they weren't my kids making that noise.  First of all, every mom knows the noise that their kids make when they are unhappy.  We hear it all day long.  We go to great lengths to avoid it.  Even as far as trying to pass off french fries and coke as "lunch."

"Are you really sure?  Because it doesn't sound very good and it isn't stopping."
"No its not them.  If it was Kade who was having problems, he would just come down and tell me and if it was Kyanna she wouldn't be crying she would be yelling 'That's it!  You're not my friend anymore!' " (We have a lot of trouble with this particular thing from her.  On the plus side, she must have fabulous self esteem to believe that the worst thing she can do to anybody is withdraw her friendship)

"Well, just go double check so I can feel better about it.  That sounds like more than one kid crying"

So very reluctantly I walked a few feet from my position at the side of the play place over to the front where I could have a better vantage point to look for my children.  And of course I was wasn't my kids making all the noise.  They both had giant grins on their faces.  Because they were standing in the middle of the "shaky bridge" and Kade (my husky kid) was jumping up and down like an elephant.  The awful noise was coming from all the kids on either side of the bridge who wanted to cross but were afraid of the trolls in the middle causing the earthquake.


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  1. Your kids are awesome! The funniest wasn't even that though, I liked when we were trying to leave, not even sure why now but I'm still laughing hysterically about it!