Saturday, November 26, 2011

Beware of Raisins!!!

This was a post I originally published on our family blog in October 2008. I will warn you now it shares WAY TMI! But that is the beauty of a blog!

I love reading about funny things that happened that I had forgotten about. And look at my adorable chunky boy! I could just eat him right up...but I will pass on the raisins thanks!

I am writing a disclaimer right now at the very top of this post. It is going to be gross and its going to talk about poop. So if you have an issue with reading about those things, you should stop reading now. I however, have two children in diapers, and two other children who frequently forget to flush the toilet and sometimes need help wiping, and a very big butt of my own to live with. So I deal with a LOT of poop. And throw up and boogers. I have a very strong stomach for these things. So I can write about poop all day long. Poop poop poop.

Anyway, the raisins… Kade likes to eat. A lot. And as we have been on vacation all week, we have not gone to the grocery store, so yesterday we were somewhat limited on healthy snacks to feed him. But we have a big bag of raisins, which while I think they are gross (unless they are covered in a whole bunch of chocolate or surrounded in cookie), he seems to like. So he got those for his snack at church. He doesn’t bother to chew, he just swallows them whole, so he can go through a bunch pretty quick. Then later, I put him in his high chair while I made dinner, and I gave him another little handful to eat so he wouldn’t whine. But apparently, everyone else had the same idea, because Darcy gave him some, and my mom gave him some and he ended up eating more raisins than anyone should eat.

So today I have found out a curious thing about raisins. Have you ever noticed that when you eat corn you can chew and chew and no matter how much you chew, it always ends up in the toilet in its resurrected state, nice and whole again? Well, I’m not claiming Kade chewed because I know he didn’t, but apparently raisins also do not digest. But they go one step further in the amazing resurrection process, because not only do they come out in one piece, but they come out as grapes! I am writing this post in hopes that I will remember this amazing trick and never overfeed raisins to any of my kids again.

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