Saturday, November 26, 2011

Summer 2011 Facebook Posts

Because I am always running errands and it is an easy way to post on the go, lots of my kids' antics get posted to facebook first. Here are a few from earlier this year...

Darcy is selling a bunch of crap from her room in a store she is calling "Justice." Tonight she tried to get me to pay her $20 for a pillow she got at a yard sale last week for 75 cents. When I told her she was nuts she told me "Justice is expensive mom. We have overhead."

Going to hike donut falls with the family this morning, and while we are waiting to leave I told the kids to pack a "hiking backpack" to bring. Darcy packed snacks, water, and a first aid kit. Dax packed nothing but markers, "In case somebody on the trail wanted his autograph."

Today at the Seven Peaks wave pool I told Kyanna she had to hold tight to my hand so she wouldn't drown. She told me "No Mom! I'm a big girl now. I can drown all by myself!"

Just overheard my almost 4 year old yell at my almost 3 year old "Get outta my face! You're a big disgrace!" Where do they come up with this stuff?!!!

Yesterday Kyanna got lazy and had an accident in her pants and because she has been fully potty trained for a few weeks now, I got frustrated with her. I told her I was going to call the Easter Bunny and tell him he didn't need to bring her anything this year. She looked at me with her "whatever mom" look and said "Bunnies don't talk."

Darcy got baptized yesterday and last night Kade said to her "So Darcy, I bet you feel a whole lot better now that all that really naughty stuff you did got washed off."

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