Thursday, December 8, 2011

Believe it or Not

Kade first day of preschool Sept 2010 - notice Kyanna's socks.  She gets that from her dad.

My son Kade is a lump.  Part of it comes from his medical issues and part of it is just his personality.  He was diagnosed with Type I Diabetes and Celiac Disease at a very young age and tends to have less energy than his peers.  And I'm pretty sure he's just lazy. :)  In fact, we laugh because he wouldn't voluntarily climb stairs until he was over three years old.  He just sat at the bottom and cried "Come cawwy me!  I'm too heaby!"

So this morning, despite the fact that I handed him clothes five seconds after he exited the bathtub, he decided getting dressed was too much effort and chose to wander around the house in the buff.  When it came time to drive the big kids to school and he was still completely naked my older kids decided he was going to need some coercion.  

Darcy: "Kade you need to get dressed right now so we aren't late for school"
Kade:  "Nah, I'll just ride like this."
Darcy:  "You can't do that!  It is cold cold cold outside and your weiner will freeze solid and fall off!"
Kade: just laughs...still no intention of getting dressed
Darcy:  "It's true!  That has really happened before and its going to happen to you!"
Dax: "She's right.  I read about it in a library book at school once.  Ripley's Believe it or Not.  It can happen!"

I really hope there weren't any pictures.  Bundle up warm!

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