Saturday, December 10, 2011


For my birthday my husband is paying his brother Aaron to tile a gorgeous back splash in our kitchen.  Aaron just got married last month to a really fun girl named Kristen.  I also have a sister named Kristen, so my kids are really psyched that they now have two Auntie Kristens.

The other night after staying late to tile, my brother in law stashed his equipment in my garage before he left to go home.  When Dax saw it in the morning, he immediately began searching all the rooms in our house...

Darcy:  "Dax, what are you looking for?"
Dax:  "Uncle Aaron, all his stuff is in the garage.  Where did he sleep?  Let's wake him up!"
Darcy:  "He went home.  He slept in his bed with Auntie Kristen."
Dax:  "Oh."

and then a few minutes later..."Which Auntie Kristen?"

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