Friday, December 30, 2011

The happiest place on Earth!

We are preparing for an upcoming trip to Disney World, and besides the fun that I'm sure we are going to have while we are there, I am already enjoying the conversations the kids are having in anticipation.  Wherever we go they cannot stop spewing at people (they have a SEVERE case of diarrhea of the mouth) about which characters they will see, what they are going to ride, and from my four year old how "the BEST part is that we get to eat as much as we want at the fanciest restaurants we ever went to!" (a boy after my own heart!)  Here is a conversation we had at dinner tonight...

Dax: "How did Walt Disney get enough money to build Disney World?"
Dad:  "He made lots of money from some movies he made, and also had investors."
Mom:  "Yeah, he made movies about Mickey Mouse."
Kade:  "Well that's funny huh, because now Mickey works at Disney World!"
Darcy:  "Duh Kade, you know that Mickey Mouse isn't REAL right?  He is just a person in a costume."
Mom:  "That's perfect!  I guess that means that we won't have to spend any of our precious vacation time waiting in line to get autographs then, right Darce?"

I don't remember her exact response to that, but I'm pretty sure it amounted to "Nice try, Mom."  Guess I better start gearing up to stand in some lines!!!

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