Wednesday, December 7, 2011

September Facebook posts

I'm trying to move several of my older facebook posts over to a more permanent place since I'm pretty sure facebook is not saving the archives for my posterity to be blackmailed with.  Here are some from September...

Dax made friends with his classroom aide today at school.  He told me "I asked her how old she was and she told me she is 68!  I told her "Wow that's old!  But don't worry, I know one person even older than you!  It's my dad's grandma...but she died."

Two of Daxton's spelling words this week are chunk and hunk.  He told me "Well that should be easy to remember!  You're a chunk and I'm a hunk!"

Today Kyanna wasn't paying attention to where she was going and ran straight into the wall.  She immediately turned to yell at me "MOM!  You can't put a wall there!  You hurt my head!"  How could I have been so stupid?!!

I am such a proud mother...I loaded Kade, Kyanna, and the neighbor girl into the car this morning and then ran back inside to get my purse.  When I got back to the car Kade announced "Mom guess what?  We have been talking about it and all three of us love to eat our boogers!  They are sooo yummy!"

My 8 year old just asked us if she can have a sweet sixteen party when she turns 16.  Thinking she meant something like the ones on tv, we told her only if it wasn't too expensive.  She said she was considering "either a twilight party, where they watch all the twilight movies, or taking a few friends to Classic skating."  Ha ha!  Absolutely!

Kyanna just came in to tell me that Kade needed his bum wiped, "but don't worry, I did it for him."  Hmmm...maybe I should go check that out

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