Wednesday, December 28, 2011

On Aging...

This morning I started a bath for Kyanna in my room and my boys decided they should hop in too.  With three kids in the tub, things were getting crowded and the kids started to argue.  I was standing next to the sink putting on some makeup and I overheard their conversation...

Kade (4) says to Dax (6): "I can't punch you now because Mom is watching but when I'm older than you I am going to beat you up!"

Dax:  "You are never going to be older than me."

Kade:  "Yah huh.  When I'm a dad."

Dax:  "Nope, sorry.  By the time you're a dad I'm going to be a grandpa!"

Kyanna:  "Well, I'm going to be a Mom and they are really the boss, so I am going to beat you both up!"

I'm glad at least one of them knows who the real boss is around here. :)

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  1. Oh my heck. I don't think I could love your kids more! They are hilarious and I'm so glad you started this thing so I can read every funny thing they say!