Sunday, December 11, 2011

Spiritual Giants

Despite their irreverence, we continue to take our children to church every week.  Our religion is an important part of our lives and we want our kids to have the peace, hope, and happiness that the gospel brings.  I always ask them what they learned in their church classes, and unfortunately in the past few years they have wisened up and usually just answer "about Jesus."  This was a post I published on our family blog a few years ago when they weren't such smart alecs. :)

Darcy: "Mom, if everybody can only take one sacrament bread, what do they do with all the leftovers?  Does somebody eat it or do they feed it to the ducks?  Cuz I'm still really hungry..."

Mom:  "Dax, what did you learn in Sunbeams today?"
Dax:  "About Adam and Eve"
Mom:  "Tell me what you learned about Adam and Eve"
Dax:  "They are dead."
Mom:  "Yeah, What else?"
Dax: "Well, they had circle faces, and they lived on a rock, and Adam growed trees.  And they stole food from Heavenly Father that they weren't supposed to eat.  I think it was a tomato."

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