Monday, December 5, 2011

Daxton the Brave

In addition to freezing our tushies off, and getting to stay inside all day long with four maniacal children, I have discovered some other perks about this time of year.  Thanks to empty lots on each side of our house, plus the fact that the four above mentioned children frequently forget to close the door, we get to have mice as house guests for the winter!  They usually choose to lodge in our cold storage room which is in the basement and is where we store any surplus food items that don't fit in our pantry.

I find it ridiculous that my kids would be perfectly content to sit for hours and pet a hamster, but the mere thought of a possible run in with a mouse gives them nightmares for days (although my oldest also got nightmares from watching the preview of Johnny Depp's Alice in Wonderland, and the first ten minutes of "Passage to Zarahemla").  And I am definitely not going down there myself.  I won't even pet the hamster.

So, since Dax is usually the oldest man present when I happen to need something from the food storage room he usually gets to take one for the team and go fetch the item.  This morning it was a box of cereal.  Thankfully he had a plan.  He went armed, made himself look as ferocious as possible, and let out a scream that could be heard down the block.

The mice didn't stand a chance.  

PS.  Ignore the mismatched pajamas.  We have a lot of laundry to do around these parts.  Don't hate.

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