Friday, December 16, 2011

Shopping Anonymous

My mom loves Christmas more than any person I know, and she loves to spoil her grandkids.  Thinking about how much they are going to love something she has picked out for them is just more than she can handle...she has no will power to tell herself no!  I have been wrapping presents for her all week and bringing them home to put under the tree and I am seriously embarrassed about the number of gifts the kids have waiting for them on Christmas morning.  I couldn't even bring myself to take a photo because I'm pretty sure in some spots the presents are stacked taller than the tree.  I mean, true its only a five foot tree, but still!  I am never going to have to buy my kids anything for the rest of their lives.  :)  Thanks Mom, you're the best!

Anyway, yesterday Daxton just happened to "mention" to grandma that for Christmas he would really like an ipod or some vinyl stickers for his wall (neither of which are things she has purchased).  She asked him why he was telling her, and didn't he see all those presents she had sent home for him?  He looked at her and replied, "Oh yeah, I saw them!  That's why I'm telling you.  Because your name is Grandma and YOU have a shopping problem!"

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